Grange Youth Awards

William Saunders Award
John Trimble Legislative Award
John Thompson Award
Caroline A Hall Award
Aaron B. Grosh Mentoring Award
Francis McDowell Trivia Challenge Award
Right On Target Award
Outstanding Youth Award
Member Recruitment Award
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William Ireland Deaf Awareness Achievement Award

For many years, the National Grange has recognized the importance of communication skills and community service. One program that has been the hallmark of the organization has been its commitment to deaf awareness. The National Grange Youth program recognizes our long-term association with this issue with a unique achievement award.

Sapphire: Learn the manual alphabet. Demonstrate it to someone proficient in sign language. (It can be done at a Sign a Song contest). Send verification letter to National Youth Development Director.

Emerald: Develop a deaf awareness display or program. Present/display it at a subordinate/community or Pomona Grange meeting. Send a copy of the program or photo of this display, with verification letter from the local youth director or Master (president) to the National Youth Development Director.

Silver: Participate in state sign-a-song contest, enter an educational display at State Session, or present a workshop on sign language at a state session, state youth camp or state youth conference. State Youth Director, Community Service/Deaf Activities Director or State Master will apply for the award.

Ruby: Participate in a regional sign a song contest or present a speech on deaf awareness at regional youth conference.

Gold: Participate in the National Session Evening of Excellence Sign a Song contest or develop an education publication (such as brochure, Website, PowerPoint, video, etc) to promote deaf awareness and/or sign language.

Any member who completes five levels in one calendar year will receive a special
Achievement Award lapel pin.